Dear Friends and Family,

In connection with my Bar Mitzvah, I thought about how to make a change in my community. I started volunteering at the Boys and Girls Club of the Peninsula in East Palo Alto (BCGP), helping young children learn to read and write as part of the BGCP’s language arts program.

I chose to do this because I wanted to make a difference in kids’ lives, helping them experience the love of learning in the way that I have. I know how important education is but I have come to understand better that not everyone has the same access that I do or the same conditions in which to learn. When I walk into my bedroom, I am surrounded by my favorite books but not every kid in my community has the same situation. My goal is to change that.

The love and support you’ve given me along the way is the most valuable gift I could imagine and I appreciate that you would take the time to celebrate my Bar Mitzvah with me. If you’d like to acknowledge this occasion in another way, I would be grateful if you would consider a small donation to the BGCP to help change the lives of these inspiring kids, one book at a time.

Thank you!