Our Vision

The Forest’s vision is that all high school students, if they work hard, can live fulfilling lives with a good education, a fair paying job, decent housing, and the ability to raise a family. We want our teens’ futures to depend more upon their own actions and less upon the circumstances into which they were born.

The Forest High School Center

For the first time in history, Boys & Girls Clubs of the Peninsula (BGCP) is dedicating one of its Clubhouses solely to high school students. BGCP will be launching its first ever high school center that will focus on serving high school students in the Redwood City area. The Forest High School Center will offer enrichment programs such as: Art, Music, Dance, Video Production, and Indoor Soccer, as well as academic support like tutoring and test preparation. Members of the Forest Center will have the opportunity to explore different interests, learn how to navigate through various systems, and will graduate with a better understanding of who they are and what goals they wish to pursue after high school.

Our Campaign

We are launching an online campaign to update students and their families on the development of the Forest High School Center before our grand opening, and to also encourage students to be more active at our site. The Forest represents our extraordinary group of high school students that have flourished at BGCP. Our ultimate goal is to increase the growth and retention rate of The Forest.  #KeepTheForestGrowing is to expand our community and ensure our youth and families stay a consistent part of our Forest Family. We are uniquely positioned to be able to create a space that will allow students to share their voices freely and creatively. With higher attendance rates, we are confident that more of our BGCP high school students will be on track to enroll in a 4-year college. Students will receive college preparation, tutoring, and exposure to a wide range of extracurriculars under the guidance of enthusiastic adult mentors. We are determined to allow this campaign to showcase our youth's accomplishments and talents. This campaign is about making history together- #TheForestisGrowing!