Dear Friends and Family,

Recently, I joined a friend to volunteer at the Boys and Girls Club of the Peninsula in East Palo Alto. After several sessions in the spring, I decided that I wanted to volunteer further over the summer at the East Menlo Park clubhouse as part of my Mitzvah project. Volunteering at BGCP gave me a chance to teach children how to read and write and hopefully make a difference in their lives.

The Boys and Girls Club is open to all kids in low-income areas who need a place to go after school and in the summer, as around 40% of the youth in these areas are homeless or in foster care.  Furthermore, 80% of the kids the neighborhoods served by BGCP are below grade level and BGCP gives them a chance to take learning into their own hands by providing them with an environment and a program to support their learning needs. 

My job as a tutor was to help the kids get excited about reading and writing. I worked with a few kids such as 1st graders, Jonathon, Alan, and Dominic who loved stories and pictures, but they needed help sounding out words and understanding their meanings.  They really appreciated my spending time with them and then hanging out with them at recess, and I enjoyed helping spark their excitement in learning by reading them stories.

If you choose to give a gift for my bar mitzvah, I would really appreciate it if you would consider the option to contribute to these kids' education and wellbeing and make a small donation to the Boys and Girls Club.

I'm excited to celebrate my bar mitzvah with you! Thank you so much for being there to support me.

Much love,