On May 21st, 2019 five Sharks heard pitches from bgcp staff and alumni and decided to invest in the students of our community. 

It's not too late to be a Shark. Invest in our students today.

View the pitches

Future Grads

BGCP Senior Director Esme Ortiz, student Ximena, and alumnus Bernardo pitch BGCP's Future Grads program to support first generation students through college graduation.

K-5 Summer

BGCP School Site Director Diana Ramierez, Literacy Program Coordinator Spencer Haar, along with Los Robles School Principal Alex Quezada, pitch BGCP's K-5 Summer Learning Program.

View highlights of the evening

CEO Peter Fortenbaugh shares the mission and impact of BGCP.

BGCP Advisory Board Member Lloyd Carney asks the Sharks, and the audience, to invest in BGCP students and our community.

View photos from the event below, and more on our SmugMug Here