Our mission is to provide the low-income youth of our community with the opportunities they need to achieve school success.


The Boys and Girls Clubs of the Peninsula's vision is that all young people, if they work hard, can live fulfilling lives with a good education, a fair paying job, decent housing, and the ability to raise a family. We want kids' futures to depend more upon their own actions and less upon the circumstances into which they were born.


The Opportunity Gap

It's an incredible time to live in Silicon Valley. Many are enjoying unprecedented levels of growth and wealth. People from all over the world are striving to move here to participate in our culture of optimism and opportunity. At the same time, this prosperity isn't being felt by all, and too many young people are growing up disconnected from what makes our community so dynamic.

In the neighborhoods we serve...


25% of students are homeless or in foster care

only 7% of students have a parent who attended college

80% of students are english language learners

These students don't have access to the same opportunities as youth in adjacent neighborhoods, and as a result, they struggle to achieve school success...

70% of students in BGCP neighborhoods are not reading at grade level

35% of students don't graduate from high school


OUR Results

We partner with families, schools, and school districts to close the gap and provide our students with expanded learning opportunities through after school, summer, and school day programming. 

  • 2,500 students attend our programs 4 days a week.

  • Students receive 740 hours of expanded learning time, a 60% increase over the school day alone. That's the equivalent of 100 extra school days.

  • 85% of our youth avoid summer learning loss by participating in our Summer Learning Academy.

  • 90% of our youth graduate from high school with a post-secondary education plan.